Dementia Calendar Clock
An Android Tablet App for those struggling with memory loss and dementia

Dementia Calendar Clock is visually stimulating and provides essential information about today where ever you are in the world. This innovative app aims to significantly support independent living, increasing confidence and removing some anxiety for those struggling with dementia.

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  • Bold, clearly displayed essential information

    With it's bold text and neatly laid out section, Dementia Calendar Clock provides all information required to aid those suffering with memory loss and Dementia.

  • Recognisable Day/Night Cycle

    The App uses a combination of GPS position and sun positions to calculate whether it is day or night. The app changes visually to reflect this; during the day you'll see a bright background and sun imagery while the night brings a darker background and moon imagary. Not only does this help in determining if it is night or day, it also prevents eye strain during darker hours while looking at the tablet screen.

  • Season Imagery

    The app uses GPS and date information to calculate the season and display appropriate imagery to reflect this, along with bold text to display the season name. Seasons photos change every 2 hours to keep the app looking fresh and engaging. The app has been designed to work globally, so seasons will update no matter what part of the world or which hemisphere you're in.

  • Designed to work completely offline

    While many tablets allow for wifi and GPS connections, these may not always be available. Therefore, Dementia Calendar Clock allows for your position to be input manually.

  • Choice of Analogue or Digital Clock

    By simply tapping the clock you can switch between an analogue clock face and a digital version.

  • Optimised to work full screen to maximising visibility and readability

    The app will hide all navigation and notification controls while idle to maximise the screen space. Simply tap the screen to bring back these controls.

  • Screen sleeping disabled

    To ensure the app is always visible, screen sleeping has been disabled so the app will always be visible without any user interaction. Ensure the device is plugged in to a charger if using for extended periods.

Dementia Calendar Clock was devised by Catherine Clelland. Cath has been providing care support for her Mum, Alice, for the last 10 years. The dementia calendar clock is Alice's favourite household item giving her confidence and re-assurance many times every day. Cath's aim is to use technology to deliver support in a simple and cost effective way.

Dementia Calendar Clock was developed in partnership with Appware Limited. Appware have developed over 50 smartphone Apps for our happy clients, all over the UK and beyond, since 2009. Appware have over 5 years experience of mobile development and the work they've done for their clients has been award winning, and featured across TV and national newspapers. Check out Appware's main website at
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